Frequently Asked Questions

Commons questions from Brides before their first appointment with Proposals:

Q. When should I order my Wedding Dress?
Proposals recommend ordering your Wedding Dress around eight to twelve months before your wedding. This allows time for your dress to be delivered and fittings to be carried out.

Q. When will my dress be in the shop?
Gowns are normally available in the shop around two to three months before your wedding date. Upon arrival at the shop, your gown is checked and then we will contact you to arrange a fitting or to try your gown on. Please note that fittings cannot be accommodated on ,Saturday .  

Q. How much do I pay at the time of ordering?
You can pay the full balance if you wish, however a minimum of 50% is required. Any remaining balance must be paid before your first fitting or collection, when your dress arrives at the shop.

Q. If my dress needs altered, can you help?
Unless your dress is made to measure, most gowns will require some alterations as they are cut to a 'size chart'. Alternations can be discussed at time of ordering; however these costs are not included in the gown cost.

After the dress is pinned to your size and alterations carried out, we recommend another fitting to check that the dress and alterations are correct for you. Depending on the size of the alterations, several fittings may be required, however this will be discussed with you.

Q. Can I have my fittings on a Saturday?
Proposals does not accomodate fittings on Saturdays as the store can become busy, and this enviroment is not suitable for fittings where concentration and time are necessary.

Q. I have another question..?
If you require any help or advice, don't hesitate to ask